Places to visit in Bangalore which must be on your travel bucket list

Over the years, Bangalore has evolved so much from being the garden city to becoming the Silicon Valley of India. In India, Bangalore is considered as the best city to live in and it is also the third largest city in the nation. With the advent of the IT sector in this city, the face of the city has seen drastic changes over the years and yet it has managed to maintain its old charm. You can now choose to take a stroll in the lush green parks of Bangalore and you could also sit back, relax and hangout at the most happening hangouts in the city. The sight-seeing too is a mix through the years where everyone visiting the city enjoys as per their likes and interests. There are two sides to the city, one being the central business and commercial district and the other being the quiet and serene neighbourhoods which mostly belong to the old parts of the city. Bangalore hotels in both areas are in plenty and you will have lots of options to choose from. In a nutshell, Bangalore has it all!

  1. Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore palace is the embodiment of beauty in the world architecture. This majestic palace still preserves the ancient regal opulence that it was built with. This palace was built in the year 1878 and till date has been the central attraction for tourists in Bangalore. The palace has been built on a sprawling 45,000 square feet of estate and the style of architecture is an amalgamation of Scottish Gothic and Tudor.

  1. Cubbon park

Bangalore, true to being called the Garden City, is filled with beautiful gardens and parks all over. One such famous park in the city is the Cubbon Park. It is frequented by both tourists as well as locals alike and is spread across a sprawling 300 acres of lush green plants and trees. Since it was completely landscaped by Lord Cubbon, the name of the park was kept as a tribute to him. There is also a bandstand here where concerts and fests happen regularly. Check for Bangalore hotels in this vicinity so as to have a peaceful and relaxing stay in the city.

  1. MG Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road, most commonly known as MG Road is one of the most busiest roads in the city. It is the hub of commercial activity and a recreational spot in Bangalore. This road is almost always filled with people and is the all in all destination to splurge on your weekend shopping at the same time without burning your pockets. The items famously bought from here are silk, sarees, traditional handicrafts, bone china sets and cutlery.

  1. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan’s summer palace is a magnificent structure set at the crossroads leading to Albert Victor Toad on one side and Krishna Rajendra on the other. This summer palace is situated in the Bangalore fort in Old Bangalore. This palace was once upon a time used as the summer retreat by King Tipu Sultan and its architecture is a beautiful mix of Indo-Islam influence.

  1. Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh, as the name suggests is a beautiful garden spread across 240 acres of land is paradise for nature lovers. This garden was commissioned by Hyder Ali but completed by Tipu Sultan in the year 1760. There are some rare species of plants from Persian, French and Afghani origin in this garden. Come here to have a relaxing day and admire the flowers, plants and the beautiful landscaped gardens away from bustling city.

  1. Shiva temple

The Shiva temple in Bangalore is considered one of the most stunning temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva around the nation. The huge statue of Lord Shiva and lord Ganesha is a beautiful sight to see for all the devotees who visit this temple to receive the lord’s blessings. The temple premises are very well maintained and the temple authorities conduct regular festivities for the devotees to indulge themselves in worshipping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva being the most worshipped God throughout India, a definitely a pulling factor for devotees as well as tourists to visit this temple.

  1. Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is a beautiful building similar to a palace where the current state legislature and the secretariat of Karnataka is located. Back in those day itself Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had pronounced this monument as the ‘Temple Dedicated to the Nation”. Today, this structure is a proud owner to the title of being the largest state legislative hoses in the nation. It has become a very popular tourist attraction for visitors. This building is also famously termed as “Taj Mahal of South India” owing to its grandiose. On weekend and public holidays, this building is lighted colourfully which is a beautiful sight to see.

Corina Barnett