How to Select the Right Hotel

When looking into hotels near your vacation spots there are things to remember. Perhaps you are wondering what you need to do to find the perfect hotel. Well this is the perfect place to find tips and suggestions to find the right hotel. With three and a half years of hotel experience under my belt, this is the perfect place to find what you need to pick your hotel.

Okay so the first thing you need to do is find hotels in the area which you are going to be staying. You can do this by either searching the phone book, if you have one from that area, or do an online search. If you have a particular hotel chain that you are used to staying with, then maybe you will want to check with them first. Once you have found a few hotels that are worth checking into, you can begin to narrow down the results.

If you find a major hotel chain then you can phone their reservation number. When you call those numbers the agent on the line will do whatever they can to talk you into booking a room right away with them. You will want to try to find a hotel that has pictures and reviews available online, the agent on the phone will be able to direct you to their website. However, keep in mind that when you do find pictures online, you do not know how old they are and when they were taken.

When staying in a hotel that is in a downtown area of a big city or near an airport, one thing you should be sure to ask is if there is a parking fee. A lot of hotels in those areas have limited parking so they charge what little space they do have. Sometimes you can avoid parking charges by parking off street, but most of the time you should just bite the bullet and pay their fees. Just remember to ask how much it costs before you get there so you are not in for a rude awakening.

There are other fees you should ask about when talking to a reservation agent. Hotels may charge an extra person charge for adults, who are over eighteen unless otherwise specified, over the amount of two. If you need a roll out bed or ‘cot’ there are usually fees for those as well. The call center that I worked for required reservation agents to inform guests of these, but not everyone did. You should ask them if they do not tell you. If you are traveling with pets, be sure to get the hotels full pet policy. Most hotels charge for pets including a deposit and a nightly fee. Do not let yourself be surprised about the prices, please ask before you book.

If you ask about everything you can think of, then you are going to find a good hotel with no hidden fees. They may try to hide them to other guests, but if you are knowledgeable and have the right questions to ask, then they cannot try to trick you into paying for something. Good luck with the rest of your vacation experience, and have a good time!